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Property Condition Assessment Services

Buying or selling your property/home is an important decision and a professional property/home inspection is your right tool to make your decision for this big investment. You have to make sure all right answers for these following important questions:

i). Is the property/home safe to live?

ii). Is everything in property/home operational at the time of inspection?

iii). Is the property/home structurally and mechanically functional?

iv). Are there deficiencies or signs of potential failure?

v). Are the components in home installed in a professional manner?

vi). Should a small things be repaired or replaced now to prevent large expense in the future?

vii). Should the property/home be an asset or burden?

Obviously you need a Home Inspector that understands your needs who puts themselves in your shoes and looks out for your best interest. Public Works Team Inc- Property Inspection Services is dedicated to providing professional, high quality inspections for new home owners, new home buyers, re-sale home buyers and home sellers, real estate agent and property manager. We protect your peace of mind.Our professional property/home inspection services ensure the answers of those questions in your mind.

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